The Research Collections and Preservation Consortium (ReCAP) is located at 400 Forrestal Road, on Princeton University's Forrestal Campus in Princeton, New Jersey. ReCAP is a high-density, environmentally-controlled shelving facility jointly owned and operated by Columbia University, The New York Public Library and Princeton University.

ReCAP was designed and constructed to provide high-density shelving for library items, an excellent environment for preserving items and an inventory and retrieval system for easy and sure access to items for library users.

ReCAP's environment is ideally suited for the shelving of all low use items, paper based and sensitive media formats. Individual items are sorted by size and placed in open-top trays which are stored on an appropriate-sized shelf, in order to store the maximum number of items in the minimum floor area.

ReCAP's seven modules can accommodate approximately seventeen million volumes using a high density shelving system. The sophisticated inventory control system keeps track of item locations and produces picking lists for requested items. Items housed at ReCAP will be identified in the local catalogs with a direct web link to a request form. After a request is received, items will be delivered next day to consortium members.

ReCAP Discovery to Delivery Project

The ReCAP partner institutions have undertaken a planning project, with support from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, to transform the nature of the partnership from management of a shared space at the ReCAP facility to management of a shared collection.

Read the Final Final Report Report to the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.