The Research Collections and Preservation Consortium (ReCAP) is located on Princeton University's Forrestal Campus. ReCAP consists of a preservation repository and resource sharing services, jointly owned and operated by Columbia University, The New York Public Library and Princeton University. More than eleven million items are currently in ReCAP's care, and ReCAP fills well over 250,000 requests for materials each year, from its partners and from libraries around the world.

ReCAP was designed and constructed to provide high-density shelving for library items, an excellent environment for preserving items, and strict inventory control so that retrieval requests are completed quickly and reliably. ReCAP's environment is optimized for the preservation of library and archival collections. Careful management of temperature and humidity reduce the rate of chemical decay in ReCAP's stacks by a factor of 4-5x, compared to normal library stack environments.

Individual items at ReCAP are sorted by size and placed in open-top trays which are stored on an appropriate-sized shelf, in order to store the maximum number of items in the minimum floor area. This close packing provides an additional level of environmental insulation, reduces oxygen exposure to guard against fire, and provides mechanical support so reduce physical strain on the collections.

Items housed at ReCAP are requested through the partners' library catalogs. Requests are processed daily by 3pm, and ship out to Manhattan overnight and twice daily to Princeton. Electronic delivery of articles and chapters is available as well, with requested materials sent directly to members of the partner libraries.

ReCAP has capacity for approximately 17 million items in its current facility, and has land assigned for future modules. ReCAP's purpose-built facilities and carefully designed operations maintain collections in a highly cost-effective manner. The efficiency and reliability of ReCAP helps our partner libraries realize their preservation objectives and provide access to expansive collections of research materials.


ReCAP Discovery to Delivery Project

The ReCAP partner institutions have undertaken a planning project, with support from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, to transform the nature of the partnership from management of independent collections in a shared facility to the management of a shared collection, equally accessible to every user in the partner libraries.

Read the Final Report to the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.