Borrowing (Print Delivery)

ReCAP ships materials to its partner libraries every day, Monday-Friday. Requests made by 3pm EST are available the next business day. To request materials, use the catalog of your affiliated partner library: 

Retrieval shipping tote

Interlibrary Loan

Readers who are not affiliated with a ReCAP partner library must request materials through an Interlibrary Loan requests to any of the ReCAP partners. These requests are evaluated according to standard ILL polices and procedures by the appropriate ReCAP partner ILL department, and on approval, filled by ReCAP staff directly to expedite delivery of any approved requests. ILL requests are mediated between libraries, so you will need to world with the staff at your local library to initiate a request. 

All of the ReCAP partner libraries have processes in place to allow non-affiliated readers to have access to their collections. See the on-site research page for more information. 

Resource Sharing