Sending Materials to ReCAP

Preparing Materials

Cleaning and Housing 

Materials must be cleaned and appropriately housed before they are transferred to ReCAP. All items should be brushed or vacuumed to remove loose dust or debris. Items that have fragile edges or contain loose materials must be in storage enclosures approved by the partners preservation offices. 

Records Preparation

ReCAP does not maintain a bibliographic database of its holdings. Partner libraries are responsible for maintaining a suitable bibliographic record and associating that record with the barcode placed on the item. ReCAP will associate that barcode with the item's location and management information, so that barcode serves as the common key between the systems used at ReCAP and the Partner libraries. ReCAP regularly sends each partner library a manifest of all barcodes accessioned so that mismatches can be identified and reconciled.

This practice ensures that bibliographic data is created an maintained by staff with appropriate expertise in the prevailing metadata standards and practices and the research needs of their library users. Likewise, information about storage locations are operational details are restricted to ReCAP's operational team.

Barcode Placement

Container Type Recommended Barcode Location
Bound materials ReCAP Standard Barcode Placement, Upper LeftUpper left corner, approximately 1/4" from the edge
Option for artifactually significant items, use a barcode wrapper.
4-flap folder/portfolio Upper left corner, approximately 1/4" from the edgeReCAP Standard Barcode Placement, Upper Left
Phase box Upper left corner, approximately 1/4" from the edgeReCAP Standard Barcode Placement, Upper Left
CD & DVD Jewel Case Back of case, upper left corner.ReCAP CD Jewel Case Barcode Placement
If CD & liner notes have separate item records, they get separate barcodes.
Audio Discs
[LP album covers]
Upper left corner.
Options for artifactually significant items, use a barcode wrapper.ReCAP LP/Audio Disc Barcode Placement
Audio Tape Cassettes
including DAT
Front, top (short end) ReCAP Audio Cassette/DAT Barcode Placement
All Open Reels stored in boxes
stored on edge
Adjacent sides of a box in the upper left cornerReCAP Open Reel Barcode Placement
Video cassettes Upper left cornerReCAP Video Cassette Barcode Placement
Microfilm boxes Top or bottom edge of boxReCAP Microfilm Barcode Placement
All Open Reel film
in cans(stored on edge)
On the edgeReCAP Film Can Barcode Placement
Document boxes
[legal or letter size, 5" or 2.5" wide]
Adjacent sides of a box in the upper left cornerReCAP Document Box Barcode Placement
Standard Box
[Paige/Record cartons]
These are stored directly on shelf, no tray.
Adjacent sides of a box in the lower right cornerReCAP Standard Box Barcode Placement
Flat box/pizza box.
Other terms used to describe such a box: clamshell, telescoping, newspaper.
These are stored flat directly on shelf.
Adjacent sides of a box in the lower right cornerReCAP Flat Box Barcode Placement

Packing Materials for Transport

Book carts


Carts are preferred for delivery of large quantities of materials. For bound volumes, books should be shelved upright with the spine facing out, or laid with the spine facing down, against the shelf. Oversized bound volumes should be laid flat on their back cover. Boxes and containers should fit entirely within the perimeter of the cart and the cart should be stretch wrapped to ensure the contents are secure during transit. 

All carts must be labeled with the customer code of the depositing library. When multiple libraries are included on a single cart, place separators between each group of materials, label the sections according to the depositing library, and include a drawing with the cart showing how the depositing material are arranged on the shelves. For example:

Customer Code 01 Customer Code 02
02 cont'd
02 cont'd Customer Code 03
03 cont'd Customer Code 04 Customer Code 05
05 cont'd


ReCAP materials may also be sent in totes with a closed lid that can be secured with a zip tie. These should be packed with high-density foam on the bottom and all four sides, and should not exceed forty (40) pound in weight. The ReCAP totes used for physical delivery (see below) are an example of this. 

ReCAP Tote Interior

Customer Codes

All incoming materials must be clearly labelled with a customer code from the depositing library. This information must be displayed on the shipping container or cart so that ReCAP staff can sort materials for intake and verify that materials are associated with the correct customer to set their use conditions. 

Customer Code Description
AC Avery Cold Vault
AD Avery Drawings & Archives
AR Avery Library
AV Avery Special Collections
BC Bibliographic Control Division
BL Barnard Library
BR Butler Reference
BS Business Library Special
BT Butler Preservation
BU Butler Library Special
BZ Preservation Project
CA Science and Engineering
CF Periodicals & Microforms Reading Room
CH Chemistry Library Special
CI Interlibary Loan
CJ Journalism Library
CM Master Microfilm
CP Psych Library Special
CR CUL Restricted
CS Shipping & Receiving
CU CU Standard
CV Butler Media Collection
EA East Asian Special
EN Engineering Library Special
EV East Asian Vernacular
GC Government Documents
GE Geology Library Special
GS Geoscience Library Special
HR HSL Restricted
HS Health Sciences Library
HX HSL Special
JC JSTOR Standard
JD JSTOR Restricted
LD Lamont-Doherty Special
LE Lehman Library Special
ML Math Library Special
MP Monographic Processing
MR Music and Arts Library
MZ ReCAP Coordinator
OH Oral History
RH Human Rights Watch
RS Rare Books & Manuscripts
SW Social Work Library
UA University Archives
UT Burke Library, Union Theological Seminary
CD Columbia Law Dark Archive
CL Columbia Law
CX Columbia Law Rare Books
JL JSTOR Standard
JM JSTOR Restricted
NA NYPL Standard
NB SIBL Restricted
NC** Cataloging Unit LSC
ND** SASB - Map
NE** NYPL Express
NF** SASB - Microforms
NG** SASB - Art
NH NYPL Limitied
NI** Cataloging SC Mezzanine
NJ** SASB - Jewish
NK** ReCAP Office SASB room 100M
NL SASB Restricted
NM** SASB Milstein
NN Media Center Restricted
NO Manuscripts Only
NP LPA Restricted
NQ SASB Restricted
NR SASB Rare Books
NS SC Restricted
NT** Photographic Services and Permissions Office
NU Heiskell Library
NW Donnell Children's Room
NX Preservation Restricted
NY NYPL Archives Unit
NZ** SASB Pforzheimer
GN Government Documents
ID NYPL Interlibrary Loan
JN JSTOR Standard
JO JSTOR Restricted
PA PU Standard
PB Firestone Use Only
PE Princeton Restricted
PF Microforms
PG Rare Books
PH Seely G. Mudd
PJ Marquand
PK Mendel Music
PL East Asian
PM Donald E Stokes
PN Lewis Library
PQ Plasma Physics
PS Lewis Library
PT Engineering
PV Psychology
PW Architecture
PZ Marquand
QA Borrow Direct
QB ReCAP Reading Room
QC Holdings and Record Management Section
QK Mendel Music Sound & Video Recordings
QL East Asian Microforms
QN American Newspaper Collection
QP Preservation
QT Technical Services Administrative Assistant
QV Video Library
GP Government Documents
JP JSTOR Standard
JQ JSTOR Restricted
BD ReCAP Borrow Direct
EDD ReCAP Electronic Document Delivery
GO Google Delivery
IL ReCAP Interlibary Loan
RR ReCAP Reading Room
** Delivery only