Slides (as self-playing PowerPoint slideshows and PDF files) from talks given by ReCAP staff are posted here for reference. Please note that these are snapshots of ReCAP's work in progress and our efforts to engage the community in discussion about preservation and collaborative efforts, and be sure refer to our publications and technical documents pages for final results and documentation of our current policies and operations. 


Print Archive Network

ReCAP Shared Collections: Off-site is in-the-center. (Charleston Conference, 3 Nov 2016)
PowerPoint Slideshow | Slides PDF

FRBR as a Preservation Framework for Shared Print PowerPoint Slideshow | Slides PDF

The "Swiss Cheese" Problem PowerPoint Slideshow | Slides PDF | Transcript PDF

ReCAP Shared Collections presentation for VALE PowerPoint Slideshow | Slides PDF

Discovery to Delivery I PowerPoint Slideshow | Slides PDF