Digital Delivery

Zeutschel OS 15000

ReCAP can fulfill a variety of print and microfilm requests digitally, including:

  • Most journal articles or book chapters.
  • Tables of contents, indices, front- or back-matter.
  • Other sections of documents up to approximately 50 pages in length.
  • Black and white, grayscale or color.

Documents are delivered as a screen-readable PDF file with limited OCR derived text when possible. The size, quantity and quality limits on our digital services are designed so that ReCAP can provide quick fulfillment for research purposes, operating according to the guidelines that are employed by our partner libraries. If you have a need for more extensive digitization or specialized digitization services, please contact your affiliated library or the ReCAP Executive Director. 

Scannx Book ScanCenter

Digital delivery requests are made through our partners' discovery systems and will appear in your email from the originating library, with a subject line reading 'Scan Request from <partner> Library, via ReCAP" The email will contain a link to a web service called Article Exchange along with a unique password for access. Article Exchange will provide access to your requested materials for thirty (30) days or five (5) downloads, whichever transpires first. To access your requests, click the link and enter the password found in the email.  

ST ViewScan III microfilm scanner

Example Email:

Please follow the link below to retrieve your request. You will need to enter the password (the text immediately following the "" link) to access the document.

The link below gives you access to the article you requested:

Link: Password: Size:   Name:
----- --------- ----- --------   abc123 42 KB ReCAP_Document_001.pdf

Please note these time constraints:
* Each article file can be retrieved a maximum of five (5) times for each URL/password combination.
* Once a file is retrieved, it remains available to the user for five (5) days. After five days, the file will be removed.
* Files not retrieved remain available for 30 days following the original request date.